Feel nurtured

Feel calm

Feel empowered

Giving you simple, practical wellbeing skills that easily fit into your day and will last for a lifetime.

Feel nurtured

Feel calm

Feel empowered

Giving you simple, practical wellbeing skills that easily fit into your day and will last for a lifetime.

Welcome to Sophrology for Life

Hi, I’m Sandrine. I support dedicated professionals like you, who want to make a positive impact in all areas of their lives whilst avoiding overwhelm, higher stress and burnout. I help you to maintain a sense of harmony, tap into your innate wellbeing and stay connected to your deepest values so that you feel more in control of your life and more confident about your future. I offer you simple, realistic and effective tools that will make a powerful difference to how you feel in your body and mind.

Sandrine Singleton-Perrin

Does your life need less stress?

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In this video, I demonstrate and talk you through a very simple exercise that will help you get rid of tension and stress so that you feel balanced and centred again. You can do this exercise anywhere and at any time.

Feel free to share this super easy tool with anyone who may need it.

Happy shoulder pumping!

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Sophrology can do wonders for your physical, emotional and mental wellbeing. Sessions combine gentle body movements, breathing techniques and short positive visualisations.

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An 7-Week Journey into Sophrology

October 23 -5:45 pm - December 4 -6:45 pm

“I began Sophrology after a colleague made me aware of some available sessions. I had not heard of it before and was intrigued. This was due to previously benefiting from yoga and breathing exercises, as well as living with challenges associated with the Covid-19 pandemic. At that time I felt stressed, anxious, and tired but had extremely limited spare time. I was delighted to meet Sandrine virtually and to work with her over several months. The sessions were accessible, professional, empathetic, and relaxing. Whilst I continued to experience stress, I would use the short exercises and they were immediately helpful. Some of the guided visualisations were incredibly powerful. I found that overall my well-being improved which I attributed to an increased consciousness. For me, Sophrology created an improved sense of balance and harmony. I feel very lucky to have worked with Sandrine and would highly recommend her services.”
“Before starting the sessions with Sandrine, I had no prior knowledge of Sophrology, but was interested in how the body and mind could work together. A that time, I was feeling anxious and tended to over-think and worry about many things and found it difficult to switch off. The sessions with Sandrine have been relaxing, enjoyable, informative, and have taught valuable techniques and tools. After each session, I felt more relaxed, calmer and more positive.
Since starting the course i feel my overall mood has improved, I feel less anxious, better at controlling my emotions and I feel more confident.
I have learnt valuable tools and techniques, which I can now practise in my own time.”
“I have never enjoyed meditation or silence but as the weeks went on the silence and the stillness became second nature and I really valued this time out.
The pace of the practice was well delivered and the soothing tone of Sandrine’s voice supported the process well.”
“I wanted help to find ways of switching off from stress and finding peace and the sessions have given me skills to use in order to do this, and these have, without a doubt worked … Sandrine has a unique and effervescent personality. This is refreshing and helps so much in engaging me with the exercises.”
“I discovered new methods of achieving self-awareness, self-regulation, being “in the moment”. I found myself sleeping better by practicing some of the exercises before bed. Visualisation also helped me get back to sleep some nights when I wake up in the middle of the night and when I’m struggling to get back to sleep”