Our sessions

Sophrology combines simple breathing exercises, gentle physical movements and short visualisations.

What happens in a session?

After an initial chat to check how you are feeling, I will demonstrate and explain the set of exercises before we practise them together.

If we work online, know that you won’t have to look at your screen for the whole duration of the session but can just listen to my voice and follow my guiding.

Standing or sitting, normally with your eyes closed, I will guide you through a body scan, which will take you to a state of consciousness that exists between being awake and asleep but alert. Practising in this state of “dynamic relaxation” will allow you to access the deeper and more intuitive part of your inner self.

The practice usually combines simple breathing exercises, gentle physical movements and a short visualisation, which you can do in whatever way is most comfortable for you.

Throughout the practice, I will encourage you to observe your bodily sensations and perceptions, and to welcome whatever you are experiencing, with no judgement or interpretation. The practice will be interspersed with short pauses for you to notice how you feel after each exercise. The pauses are an important element of the practice as they allow its effects to settle into the body and mind and deepen your awareness of your whole being.

At the end of the practice, after a final and slightly longer pause, you will be given time to gently come back to your normal level of awareness and the opportunity to reflect on your experience, and share it, if you so wish.

I will finally suggest a few short exercises for you to practise before our next session.

A typical Sophrology session:

  • Check in
  • Demonstration of the set of exercises
  • I guide and we practise together
  • Final pause / coming back to the room
  • Time for reflection and sharing your experience
  • Recommended home practice before next session

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