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SIMPLY: because self-care doesn’t have to be complicated.
DISCOVER: because self-discovery is the most exciting journey you’ll ever embark on.
YOU: because you are unique and much more than you can ever imagine.

An 7-Week journey into Sophrology.
Online: 6pm – 7pm.
November 2nd 9th, 16th, 23rd, 30th. December 7th & 14th.

When was the last time you felt in harmony with your life, when you felt connected to your life values and deepest aspirations? In a word, when was the last time you felt really “you”?

We all know that it is important to pause and make regular time for our physical and mental wellbeing. The truth is we all get caught up on “the hamster wheel”, and we forget to take care of our needs! And yet, never has the need to prioritise our self-care been so vitally important. We’re all living in remarkably challenging and unpredictable times, our capacity for resilience and balance keeps being put to the test. And that’s on top of all the pressures and challenges we may face in our own personal lives.

This is why I would like to invite you now to make the decision to nurture you, the whole of you.

Simply discover You will provide this vital pause for you to refuel, recharge, explore who you are, and support your needs in a very practical and accessible way.

I will guide you through a series of simple but powerful mind-body practices that combine gentle physical movements, simple breathing exercises, quick relaxation techniques as well as positive mental imagery.

In Sophrology, most of the exercises and the short pauses in between are carried out in a state of alert relaxation (akin to a meditative state), which allows to you access the hidden treasures of your inner life. This is where you will discover the deeper layers of who you are. This is where you will be able to strengthen all the positive inside you and be reconnected with what truly matters to you.

If you are ready for this exciting journey, I would love for you to join me on this 7-week Live, online Sophrology programme, so that, together, we create a safe, friendly and supportive space where we take care of ourselves, one another, and go deeper into discovering who we really are and what really matters to us.

What you will get from the programme:

• 7 live sessions, including fully guided practices

• Lifetime access to the recordings of all 7 Sessions

• Bonus session (recorded)

• Be part of a private WhatsApp group for weekly tips or mini Sophro practices (to fit nicely into your daily routine)

With love,

PS: I would like this programme to be as accessible as possible for everyone, so if you would like to be offered a payment plan, please do get in touch with me at: sandrine@sophrologyforlife.com


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