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6 Week Online Sophrology Course | 6/6

Moving with life cultivating a balanced mind in a relaxed body.

Session title: Connecting with your future self to see what he/she has to say.

Thursday 16th December 2021. 6-7pm.

Dear friends,

Whether you are already familiar with the Sophrology method and looking to deepen your practice or whether you are a complete beginner curious to experience a connecting mind-body wellbeing practice that is effective and achievable, I invite you to join me on this 6-week online Sophrology course, starting on Thursday 11th November.

During this first block of six hour-long sessions, I will guide you through simple yet highly effective techniques and practices that are designed to help you support your own physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. More specifically, we will be exploring the first two levels of Sophrology, which focus respectively on refining our body awareness in the here and now and on the power of the mind and our capacity to contemplate ourselves, the world and our place in it with new eyes as well as to envision a positive future.

I wish to welcome you in a space where everyone of you feels safe, respected, and supported, at all times, by all the other members of the group.

Here’s the programme at a glance:

Week 1: Reconnecting with your body, your breath, and the present moment

Week 2: Releasing ongoing tensions and helping your busy mind calm down

Week 3: Creating instant calm and harmony whenever you need it (This practice will need repetition to be effective. An audio recording will be provided)

Week 4: Practising contemplation and self-acceptance: seeing yourself, the world and your place in it with new eyes.

Week 5: Using your intuition/inner guidance to help you make better decisions

Week 6: Connecting with your future self to see what he/she has to say.

Time: 6-7pm

Venue: online (zoom link to be forwarded on registration)

Price: The total price for the block of six sessions is £60, payable in full or in two instalments of £30 each. Thank you.

The course includes:

  • 6 live zoom sessions of an hour each
  • Some recordings of parts of some sessions for home practice
  • As a bonus, to join for free, A.M*, a 15-minute live Sophrology weekly practice on Tuesday mornings at 7:35am.
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