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Are you able to create a calm mental space in the middle of a very busy day, just so you can keep your balance, your focus to make better, clearer decisions?

Being able to create this mental space is what we call PAUSING.

If we want to meet the many demands in our lives without burning out, nurture all our relationships and know ourselves in a way that keeps us connected to our life values and deepest aspirations… then PAUSING is essential.

But here’s the thing, learning to pause is simple, it doesn’t take long and if, practised regularly, it can be hugely effective.

That’s why I would like to guide you on how you can do this with ease and invite you to join me in my online workshop “Pause, Relax, Reconnect with Sophrology”.

I have created this free, practical, and interactive workshop, so that together we pause and explore the power of:

    • Short dynamic pauses through gentle physical movements
    • Simple relaxation and breathing practices that we can bring into our everyday life for a greater sense of harmony and wellbeing.
    • Simple mental imagery to strengthen positivity and shift our perspective from stress to calm and from merely surviving to enjoying life fully.
    • Knowing how to tap into the abilities and qualities we already possess to make ourselves feel more empowered and reach our goals.
    • The wisdom and resilience that come with reconnecting the body and the mind.
    • Being part of a group where we support ourselves and one another with kindness and compassion.

I would love for you to join me in this free live online workshop “Pause, Relax, Reconnect with Sophrology”, on Thursday 19th October from 6-7pm.

This free introductory workshop is your first step on your journey to mastering new skills to better manage your busy life. Plus, I’ll show you how you can take these skills further if you choose.

Please book your place now at :


I’m really looking forward to pausing and practising Sophrology with you,



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